Welcoming 2014 with a new direction and new look

The past few years have been such a learning experience for me and my photography career. Graduating from a fine art graduate school and stepping out into the "commercial" photography world is a bit scary and I am so thankful for my full time design career which has made it easy for me to experiment with my photography. I am also VERY grateful for all the support there is in the photography community here in the Shenandoah Valley, I have met so many amazing people through my photography and am thankful for each of them! 

I have photographed so many different things from weddings to children to architecture to events. It has been quite difficult to really start making the decision to move my photography work in one direction. There are so many amazing opportunities that I have been given and while some were more fitting with my style than others, I enjoyed the experience of each. With that being said, I want to photograph what I love. With that said my focus moving forward will be boudoir, editorial, fashion and portrait photography... and with my portrait photography i plan to move in the direction of senior girls.  

// I also look forward to taking lots of traveling photos and the possibility of selling some of my work commercially.
// I will practice and learn to use all of my film cameras I have collected over the years

With that said it is not that I will never photograph another wedding or family (as I do have a few of both of these booked for 2014) its just that my true passion is with the others. // I LOVE edgy fashion work as well as working women, and moving my work in that direction for 2014 is itself an experiment. It may be I am back writing the exact opposite of this for 2015 but right now my heart is set in this new direction. 

My personal fine art work has also suffered with the need to take on more "paying" work and in 2014 I plan to set aside time to devote to this work, the satisfaction you feel after countless hours have gone into making to see your work hung in a gallery is indescribable. 2014 is going to bring exciting new things!  

This is what I have come to realize is important, and plan to implement in 2014 for myself and my work, in no particular order that is…. 

 // photograph and make for yourself
// travel and document
// realize that not every opportunity is the RIGHT opportunity for you
// photograph what you LOVE
// be humble
// be yourself, don't get caught up in "what will sell" (totally a victum). Remain TRUE to your art
// make connections
// blog a lot (I current NEVER blog...oops) or "journal" (the non digital version of blogging lol)
// make time for YOU (part of my personal goals as well is to run a 5k sometime in 2014)
// don't be afraid
// live life to the fullest

I hope you all will check back and follow me for my journey into 2014!